Top Ten Reasons To Get An HSA
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HSA Educators presents the top ten reasons to get an HSA.


Welcome back! We do have a top ten list for you folks tonight. And unless you have been living under a rock for the last ten years like Paul over here -- Paul: My rock is right next to yours Dave. Dave: Yeah, well mine is a bigger rock Paul. In fact, you know that the cost of medical insurance is soaring, it's going through the roof. It's out of sight, it's astronomical and in fact, it's the number one domestic issue in the upcoming Presidential election. Are you following the elections Paul? Paul: I have been following them somewhat Dave, somewhat. Dave: Being a foreigner I didn't know if that was something you kept up with or not, but it's right up there with immigration. Although immigration I am not sure, if it's actually a domestic issue or a foreign issue. Anyway, there are a lot of our politicians out there who are trying to solve some of these problems and one of the solutions they have come up with is something called High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts. To give you an idea of what people call them in real life, some folks call them HSAs and HDHPs. Anyway, tonight we want to give you some compelling reasons why you should have an HSA and to do that we have the top ten reasons why you should open up the -- Number ten on the list, you'll help the guys and gals at stay off the streets and out of prison. Number nine on the list, lower premiums will make you feel like you are stealing from your insurance company. Eight on the list, if change jobs, you don't have to wonder what your former employer did with all that money you left behind in your flexible spending account. Number seven on the list, the tax advantages of HSA's let you feel like you are beating the government at it's own game. Number six, you'll never will have to utter the words "co" and "pay" together again. Number five, you can show the liberal politicians that you are not dumber than a donut, and can actually manage your own healthcare decisions. Number four, you'll have something to talk about besides crummy airline food during those dull moments at holiday cocktail parties. Number three on the list, once you and your friends learn the meaning of CDHP, HDHP, CDH, HSA, FSA, HRA, IRS and other stimulating acronyms, you can pretend that you are speaking in text messaging. Number two, if you ever have one and then end up on the Price is Right, you'll know the answer to the question, "What is the cost of a vasectomy?" And number one on the list, and the top of the reasons for having an HSA is, you'll know the answers to the mysteries of the universe like, "Are pork rinds and schlitz beer qualifying medical expenses?" There you have it. The top ten list.

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